aaand the second part!

First part is here!

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the first part of the Hiccstrid comic I made as a gift for the How To Train Your Dragon’s crew :)

The second part is here!

(vía effyeahhiccstrid)


I drew Jack Frost and Toothiana from RotG for a friend - happy birthday, Mary! Hope it makes up for that drawing I’ve owed you for like two years!

I’ve never actually seen RotG so excuse for any visual or character discrepancies, which I’m sure there are

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Anónimo ha dicho: Hello, do you really like Jack Frost as a potiential husband?.. if you do then you make a good couple


Oh- well- I mean- I don’t know about marriage..hah..


Anónimo ha dicho: Could you just do a Sonamy Boom Headcaon with just an absolute TON of fluffiness?


You mean like this?


Sonic and the team are in a very important fight against Eggman, when Sonic is suddenly grabbed by the ankle of one of the robots and is dangling above.

"H-hey-hey! A little help here?! Dude, you’re getting oil stains all over the leather, NOT. COOL!"

Amy jumps up and hits the robot’s arm to release Sonic, but the robot squeezes down and Sonic’s hear a ‘crack’ come from his ankle as he falls into a mud hole.

"Sonic!" Amy takes her eyes off the battle for one second before the robot swings it’s arm into her side and pushes her down into the mud hole as well.

Sonic tries to ignore the pain as he holds his foot, screaming faintly before closing his mouth and biting his lower lip. Amy slams in and now he’s got his mouth open again as he kicks his other foot and shuts his mouth once more, trying to ‘suck it up and take it like a man’ but the pain is unbearable.

"Oh, Sonic! I’m sorry, let me just-!" she tries to climb out, but it’s slippery, and slides down again, making Sonic get pushed up on the other side and flail his arms around before slamming back down on her.

"That’s it! Let me do it!" he speaks through the obvious pain and tries to climb out, but the mud keeps slipping them onto or into one another.

"Offph! Stop it!"

"Ow! Get off of me!"

"rugh! Amy! You’re foot’s in my face!"

"Sonic! You’re hands on my BUTT!"


The look of pure discomfort and anguish mixed with disgust lies on both their faces as they end up slamming into the other as Sonic and Amy look face to face with one another, both breathing hard and being covered in mud as their hands are held out in front of the other… one wrong move… and their faces are going to slid into each other.

Sonic’s pain in his foot makes him slid a little, as he leans his head back but it’s no use, he slowly slides closer to her face. “Nononononononono…!!!”

"Sonic, quick! T-turn around!" Amy instructs, as Sonic squints his eyes shut, looks up at her in a desperate act of trust, and spins himself. A giant yelp escapes his mouth at the pain in his foot as he slides his back against her body.

"Phew…YE-OW-HO!!!" he grabs his foot and feels mini-tears about to come out from the immense pain the hurt ankle was now giving him. "Any other bright ideas..?" he said through gritted teeth, and rocking back and forth.

Amy quickly looked around, before seeing a tree’s root just barely stick out in the mud. “Yeah! Just one!” she turned around, determined. “I need you to push me up there!”

"But…My leg.." Sonic looked down at his leg, but said this sentence lightly as Amy didn’t seem to register that his ankle was causing him distress. He was trying desperately to not let her see his pain, so that may be why.

"What was that?" she asked, to determined to really pay attention as she got his arms and crossed her own with his.

"N-nothing!" Sonic bit his lip, looking up and praying for the pain to be worth it.

"Then ready?"

"Yeeeep…" that was probably the highest pitch Sonic could muster.


"AHHHHHH-HHAAAA!!!" Sonic cried chibi tears as he put all his strength into his legs, and felt Amy slip up a bit before they slipped slightly down more.

"I got it! Now, climb over me!" She ordered.

"What!?" Sonic was holding her waist already, and felt the awkward foreknowledge of what was to come. "But your a GIRL!" he screamed through the pain of his ankle.

"Quit complaining and MOVE!"

"Ugh… fine!" Sonic, through immense pansy pain, though, taking it pretty well for a guy who might of just gotten his ankle broken, gripped Amy’s shoulder and started to climb, trying not to use his foot as the pain skyrocketed through him. "Augh!!"

"What’s taking so long?" Amy looked up, seeing him barely able to climb.

"NOTHING!!!" he screamed again, growing in anger as he climbed up her and put a muddy shoe in her face to finally get out of the hole. "Ugh…hmph-hmph." he whimpered out a bit of pain before falling to the ground. "I made it..!!!" he whined out.

"Quit acting like a baby and help me!" she was slipping in the mud, and her muddy hands weren’t able to hold on to the root much longer. "Sonic!"

He squinted his eyes shut, knowing his task wasn’t done yet as he crawled on his belly, turning around, and grabbing her hand before it slipped. “I got’cha!” he called back. “Like… always!” through the pain, he rose to his knees and helped her up, pulling her with sheer muscle alone before collapsing.

"Phew, thanks, Sonic. I couldn’t have done that without-…SONNNIC!?!?"

After the battle, the team rushed Sonic to the hospital, as Sonic slowly woke up to his leg in a sling above him, and wrapped in a cast. “Oh look, more bandages…haha.” he made a goofy laugh and smile, and looked a little out of it.

"What’s wrong with him?" Tails asked.

"Ah, he’s just talking the pain medicine out, that’s all." Doc stated, looking over her shoulder from her clipboard.

"So… he’s loopy?" Knuckles concluded seeing Sonic pawing at something with a derpy smile.

"Stars… look at the pretty stars… gotta catch one…neh…neh… NEH."

"…Poor Sonic.." Amy covered her mouth. "I had no idea! I mean, I thought he was complaining more than usual but… he didn’t say anything…"

"It’s alright, Amy. It’s not your fault. Sonic’s the kind of guy who doesn’t announce his agony to anyone." Tails stated, as Sonic suddenly held himself.


"Well, until now."


"Oh, hush up now, here." Doc shoved a pill in his mouth, and he swallowed it, laughing like a goofy idiot again and resting his head back. "Don’t worry. He’ll be fine. I just had to do a little touch up on his ankle, there. But he’ll be good as new in a couple of days. I’ll take him off the pain killers by nightfall."

The team went off their separate ways after that, But Amy stayed behind, unable to get any sleep or have the heart to part with Sonic. She still felt it was half her fault…

"Oh Sonic… if I didn’t hit that robot so hard… it might not have twisted your ankle like so.." she bent her head down on his bed, as he opened his eyes from sleeping suddenly, and let out a small laugh. Looking to Amy, who was surprised to see him awake, he took his finger and rotated it in a circle around her frame.

"Pretty~<3 hehe~"


"So, preeeetty~ Why you so preeeetty? Stop. Stop that. Stop being pretty~"

"" she blushed, seeing as he was still a bit loopy, as one eye lid opened and the other closed in like a wave movement.

His eyes suddenly shifted down. “Squishy bum…”

She twitched and held back her immediate instinctive response to smash his head and took deep breaths, blushing completely red and her eyes just black dots at the moment.

"Woooo…hehe." he seemed to be amazed by the hammer, and clapped at it. "Pretty~ Pretty~ Pretty~" he repeated.

"S-stop that! You don’t know what you’re saying!" Amy turned away, unsummoning her hammer as it became a pile of smoke and ‘poof’d away as she covered her face, completely and sorely embarrassed.

"Oh. I know what said, said… I said, said that you, pretty, pretty. Pretty, pretty should -hiccup- kiss me~"

Amy exploded into red as she screamed, “NOOO!!!!!” as the other patients stirred in their sleep. “…S-sorry.” she crept back over to the chair near him, as he grinned over to her like an idiot, and she just smacked her hand lightly on the top of his face, and looked away from him. “You’re embarrassing me!!!” she exclaimed quietly in a shouted whisper.

He slowly took his hand and placed it on her hand, before moving it and showing some puppy-dog-eyes. “Pretty no think I’m booutiful~?”


"No pretty kiss?"

"Oh dear, do you act this way around any girl that’s near you, sugar?"

Amy looked up to see Doc, shaking her head before rolling her eyes. “Yeah, he’s been flirting with me too. I just give him a kiss on a cheek and he falls straight back to bed. Go on, give it a try.” her southern accent was charming as she winked to Amy. “And you should get on back to your beddy-bye too, darlin’. Sonic will be happy to see you in the morning, when he’s all there. Haha!” she giggled.

"O-oh…" Amy felt slightly disappointed, "So… he’s been flirting with every girl… huh?"

"Sadly, it’s true." she replied, moving the clipboard down and letting it hand in front of her.

"…R-right… How silly of me. Thinking I was that special…" Amy looked down at Sonic, fiddling with her hand as she took it away and acted like kissing him on the forehead was no big deal and started to walk away. "Goodnight, Doc. Sonic.” she almost hissed his name out, as he looked confused and sad at her leaving.

He stretched his arms out for her, turning slightly, “Pretty, nooo~” he softly let out a whine for her, very sad it seemed to see her go.

"There, there. Pretty here." Doc stated, patting his head and hanging his charts up.

"No.. you pretty… but she was…pretty, pretty~”His words confused Doc, but she just shrugged how kindly and important 2 pretties were to him it seemed, as he slowly fell back to sleep. “Bye bye, pretty, pretty~…”